Glen Garioch Vintage 1995 Limited Release Announced

Glen Garioch Vintage 1995

Glen Garioch Vintage 1995 Is the latest of a number of small batches from Scotland’s most easterly distillery. it is part of a policy of limited releases of whisky laid down before October 1995, when the distillery was mothballed for two years.

The actual release will be limited to just 1000 cases worldwide and with only 100 available in the UK it is bound ot be a bit of a collectors item. On top of this it is only the sixth release of these limited editions from Glen Garioch.

Despite all that the expected price will be around £55 which is a pretty good deal in anyones money as far as I am concerned.

The taste is described as “a classically complex Glen Garioch; rich, full, robust and comes with a smooth velvety texture that accentuates its warm and spicy taste.” by a company spokeswoman Kirsteen Beeston

Further rarity is added to this particular release because it was made using malt from the Oldmeldrum maltings, which were closed, never to reopen after the distillery was mothballed. All production fince the distillery reopened in 1997 use malt bought in from outside. This Vintage 1995 is one of the last ever produced from those maltings.

Whisky Magazine describes it as

On the nose, the full flavour of the 1995 expression is heightened by an array of rich oak spices, with notes of spiced mocha and muscovado sugar turning more buttery when water is added. The end result is a wave of warm and spicy flavour with layers of baked banana, toffee sauce, mocha chocolate and warm golden syrup.

I personally would love to get my hands on a bottle and will be keenly watching out for its release. Cellar Trends is the wholesale supplier in the UK and it will be interesting to see which of the online retailers manages to get hold of stock from them. The do supply the Whisky Exchange so we will just have to wait and see.

You can find out more about the distillery and other whiskies at my Glen Garioch Founders Review page. As an update to this the Whisky Exchange is now selling the Vintage 1995 at £49.95 in the UK but will ship worldwide. Click HERE

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