Jura Whisky Treasure Hunt

Jura Whisky Treasure HuntThe Jura Distillery announced on Tuesday the 6th of November that it would be holding a treasure hunt in four cities in the UK, with 40 bottles of Jura Superstition Whisky as the prizes. The winners will be those lucky, or clever enough, to find one of ten pennies which will be hidden at certain locations around the cities.

The hunt has already started in Edinburgh and will be followed by London (w/c 12th November), Manchester (w/c 19 November) and finishing in Glasgow (w/c 26 November).

The pennies will be placed at some well known landmarks as well as some rather more obscure sites around the relevant cities, and the clues to their whereabouts can be found by following the Jura Twitter page. They will be released with the tag #jurapennies.

There is also a parallel competition which can be found at the Jura website http://www.jurawhisky.com with the prize being a million pennies, which is of course £10,000. This competition is only open to UK residents unfortunately.

The Jura distillery was opened in it current situation in the 1950s but follows on from a much older plant that was established in 1810 but was sadly short lived.

The building work was completed in 1963 and as a result the island has had an employer, and a tourist attraction rolled into one. Not forgetting of course the single malt whisky that the Jura distillery produces.

There are several different whiskies that the distillery produces with Superstition being one of the latest available. The range has some exceptionally good value products and is certainly one of my favourites. The whiskies can be bought direct from the distillery or through the Whisky Exchange (which you can use from outside the UK as well as from the UK)

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2 Responses to Jura Whisky Treasure Hunt

  1. Meredith says:

    That sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad that’s it’s too far away from us to participate. Good article, thank you.

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