Lidl 33-Year-Old Malt Whisky For Christmas

Lidl 33-Year old malt whisky

Lidl Maxwell Brand

Lidl Stores have announced the release of a 33yr old malt whisky, which would seem to be aimed straight at the  whisky gifts Christmas market. There is something really special about this one though.

I has been described by renowned whisky expert Jim Murray as a “superstar”, after he got the chance to try a sample. In fact he gave it a score of 95 out of a hundred, an astonishing feat for this product from a store that is more synonymous with bargain basement shopping than high end products like this.

The usual price for a Highland malt whisky of this quality would be almost certainly over £100 but Lidl will be selling it at the fantastic price of £39.99. It is widely expected that it will fly off the shelves at that price and because only a very limited supply is available I suspect that you will have to pretty quick off the mark if you want to get your hands on a bottle.

I personally will be coming to work a bit earlier on the release date to try to get hold of one for myself.

The release date is the 29th of November, which of course is tomorrow so Lidl have left the press release announcing it to the very last minute. This literally landed in my e-mail box only a few minutes ago.

For those interested, here is Jim Murray’s full review

”Nose: (24.5) rarely does exotic fruit come quite so exotic! The oak is pulling out every trick in the book to underscore its great age with an aroma as softly enveloping as it has any right to be. Those who remember fruit salad candy will also seduced by this one. As well rounded as any malt you’ll find this year and probably as labyrinthine, too. And, just to prove it, a few peat notes escape from their fruity clutches to add weight and depth, the intensity increasing as the temperature and oxidisation increases.

Taste: (24) all the fruits registered on the nose are present and correct, but it is the spices which momentarily take the breath away. A fabulous mouth feel alternating between crisp and mouth-watering – aided and abetted by some staccato Demerara sugar notes – and always no less than feather-pillow soft. The mid ground starts allowing the oak to show some intense vanilla and that lazy smoke to gain a foothold, a more solid one with each mouthful;

Finish: (22.5) dry and sophisticated, the fruit is now spent and a slight tang reminds us of the great age here. A light, delicate fade with the peat withdrawing surprisingly early on;

Balance: (24) Last year Lidl unearthed a couple of stunning whiskies to be sold at an improbably economic price to the consumer. They have done it again for Christmas 2012 with a malt destined to be another collectors’ item. At times towards the end the age is apparent. But no less so is a malt which has on the nose and delivery a marriage between oak and barley matured in heaven. A very softly smoked, delightfully fruity gem.”


Lidl were established in the 1930s as a wholesaler in Germany and opened their first store in 1973 but not in the UK until 1994. They over 600 stores in Britain and for full details you can find them at

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