Highland Malts

The Highland Malt Whisky Region

Since you have come to the page called “buy highland malt whisky online” I will include a short potted history of each distillery here in alphabeticla order with a link to each more detailed page. I will be adding on a regular basis so if what you are looking for is not here then please come back to look again.

Edradour Distillery

The Edradour whisky distillery describes itself as one of Scotland’s smallest and is situated in the busy, tourist, Perthshire town of Pitlochry. The whiskies are matured in bourbon and sherry cask………. http://buywhiskyonline.info/the-whiskies/buy-highland-whisky-online/buy-edradour-online

Glen Garioch Distillery

The Glen Garioch distillery is the most easterly malt whisky distillery in Scotland and is one of the older ones. As with many distilleries that produce regular specials. The Glen Garioch Founders Reserve is their most recent offering, and you can read my review of the distillery http://buywhiskyonline.info/the-whiskies/buy-highland-whisky-online/glen-garioch-founders-reserve-review-of-distillery-and-the-whisky

Glengoyne Distillery

Glengoyne describes itself as Scotlands most scenic. You can find full details at http://buywhiskyonline.info/the-whiskies/buy-highland-whisky-online/glengoyne-scotch-review

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