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The Edradour distillery in Pitlochry is actually Scotland’s smallest, but you can buy Edradour online as well as at several shops across the country.

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This delightful little distillery was established by a farmer’s cooperative in 1825 and has changed hands several times since then. It is currently owned by the Signatory Vintage Scotch Whisky Company who bough it from Pernaud Ricard in 2002, which is incidentally the year that a flood washed away part of the garden and car park!

The whisky is made in the smallest stills allowed by law and most is matured in American bourbon casks although others are sometimes used for smaller runs. Lower down the page you can find a video of a tasting of one of the rarer bottlings. As Scotland’s smallest Edradour distillery is run by just three people.

Edradour 10 year old malt has a wonderful smooth taste with honeyish hints and subtle undertones. This is the standard bottling and the most widely available.

The visitors centre is one of the most popular in all of Scotland, presumably as it is in itself set in one of the most visited areas of the country and very easily accesible. Over 100,000 visitors a year is a very impressive figure for such a small undertaking and is only passed by the numbers visiting the Glenturret distillery.

Here is the word straight from the horse’s mouth as it were.

From The Edradour Distillery Website
“Edradour 10 year old is a unique, hand-crafted single Highland malt whisky, often enjoyed in recognition of those small, significant moments that make up the ebb and flow of life.

Edradour is a unique, single Highland malt whisky, to be enjoyed in recognition of those small, significant moments that make up the ebb and flow of life.

Edradour is produced in Scotland’s smallest distillery – and is hand made today as it was over 150 years ago by just three men who are devoted to the time-honoured methods of whisky making. Indeed equipment used at the distillery has remained unchanged since the day the distillery opened and is only just capable of producing commercial quantities. Only 12 casks of whisky are produced a week, making Edradour single malt a rare pleasure for a fortunate few.

If you manage to find it, you will be one of the few people lucky enough to experience its charm – golden in the glass, smooth and creamy with a nutty, honeyed finish.”

Enjoy Life’s small victories with Edradour Distillery.

The area around Pitlochry is particularly scenic and well worth a visit and the distillery tour is very interesting (as per the figures mentioned earlier). I spent many happy holidays in the area when younger and enjoy the drive on the A9 following the valley of the River Tummel as it flows towards the river Tay. The Autumn colours are particularly spectacular and at that time of year there tend to be fewer caravans on the road to slow you down!


Here are some tasting notes on one of their rarer bottlings, an Edradour port barrel matured single malt.


I must confess that I have yet to taste that particular bottling myself but I hope to very soon.

One lesser known fact about the production from Edradour is that when the SS Politician foundered off the coast of Eriskay in 1941 much of its cargo of whisky came from the distillery. This inspired the book by Compton Mckenzie, “Whisky Galore”, with the film following from that. This of course has inspired the new, award winning film from Ken Loach, “The Angels’ Share

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