Glen Garioch Founders Reserve, Review of Distillery and The Whisky

Glen Gairoch Founders Reserve ReviewThere are many distilleries in Scotland but the Glen Garioch (pronounced Geery) has very much put its stall up as something a bit special. Lets see if it lives up to the hype and do the Glen Garioch Founders Reserve reviews support the hype?

The Geography

The distillery is in the picturesque village of Oldmeldrum which is about 19 miles to the north-east of Aberdeen. Score one for the hype. This actually makes it the most easterly distillery in Scotland and boy do they like to plug that one.

The works are on the site of an old tannery and being where they are in the so called “bread basket” of Scotland they have one of the country’s best growing areas around them. Not only that but the water quality is considered ideal for brewing.

So they score again. The geography is all on their side, great grain, good water and so ideal brewing territory. There are few better places to build a distillery, so that is what two brothers did.

The History

In 1797 John and Alexander Mayson built a distillery and adjoining brewery on the tannery site using a reliable waterGlen Garioch History supply (only rarely has production ceased due to lack of water).

The distillery changed hands several times to and from the Mayson family but eventually in 1995 was taken over by Suntory of Japan, who promptly shut it! This however was not such a bad thing because after a revamp it was reopened in 1997 under the Morrison Bowmore group which is wholly owned by Suntory and is very much a go-ahead company.

One big change that did take place during the period of closure was the ending of the maltings at Oldmeldrum. This meant that there are two very distinct types of stock in the distillery warehouse, those pre 1995 and those post 1997.

For information Suntory also own, under the Morrison Bowmore umbrella McClelland’s, Bowmore and Auchentoshan whisky distilleries.

The Whiskies

Glen Garioch GlassAs with many distilleries nowadays there are quite a few different expressions of the brand and so we come to the one that they claim represents Glen Garioch better than any other, the Founders Reserve. Reviews so far have been pretty good for this whisky and it price makes it very competetive. No year or aging is quoted, which is something that a few distilleries are starting to do nowadays.

Founders Reserve Review

This is the official line from Glen Garioch

If anyone recognises the music then would love to know. Sounds a bit Peat Bog Faeries to me

Crafted by John & Alexander Manson since 1797, this selection of Non Chill-Filtered Glen Garioch illustrates the distinct house character- honey sweetness, hints of heather and just a touch of spice.

Personally that just about hits the spot. Hints of nutmeg and honey and a particularly smooth very enjoyable drink. I rarely add water to my whisky but at least one other site says that doing so takes alot from the pleasure, so if you do get a chance to try this then my advice also would be to take it as it is.

As Glen Garicoh’s signature whisky the Founders Reserve has a lot going for it, perhaps not as much as the new Glen Garioch Vintage 1995 but then it is half the price.

You can buy Glen Garioch Founders Reserve at the Whisky Exchange CLICK HERE along with others from the distillery.

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8 Responses to Glen Garioch Founders Reserve, Review of Distillery and The Whisky

  1. Ty Johnson says:

    What an awesome website, I love the video, makes me want to go to the place in person just for the fun of it.

    • admin says:

      Thanks very much TY. If the music in the video is by who I think it is (Peat Bog Faeries) then we will possibly bump into them on our holidays to Skye in 2 weeks. They are from the local village. Will have to take in Talisker Distillery while we are there of course

  2. Joan says:

    I know nothing about whisky, but found the video very interesting. Like the sound track. Great site!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Joan. Pretty sure the track is by the Peat Bog Faeries. Saw them in concert earlier in the year and they have their studio where we go on holiday. Their violinist toured with Sting this year at Sting’s request !

  3. What an awesome article. I just love it. Great work. I am sure you enjoyed doing it too, I can see it in the article.

  4. AJ says:

    Great info here, Roger. I do not know a lot about whiskey and found your article interesting and enlightening.

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