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Buy Lagavulin Online

If you want to buy Lagavulin online then you can find all the offers further down.

The Lagavulin bottle shown on the left is the 12 year old which is actually more expensive than the 16yr old which is considered the standard Lagavulin single malt.

Lagavulin has a strong peaty iodine flavour which is either a love or hate flavour. Personally I love the deep complexities present in this fine whisky which is definitely one for gently sipping and savouring. The flavour and pungency are probably the strongest of all the Islay malts which explains why opinions are so divided.

If anyone would like to buy my wife a bottle she would be eternally grateful. I have asked her to add her own review at a later date in the blog.

The Distillery

The Lagavulin distillery is in the south of Islay and traditionally the distilleries at this end of the Island produce peatier whiskies than their northern rivals.

Whisky production officially started there in 1816 but it is probable that some kind of moonshine production was carried out for several decades leading up to that.

The visitor centre was opened in 1998 and occupies what once were part of the old Malt Mill. The Malt mill itself was set up as a competitor distillery to Laphroaig (another very distinctive whisky who this year have produced a Laphroaig 18 year old Diamond Jubilee edition) in 1906 by Sir Peter Mackie who, scorned by them, in his attempts to take them over,  was determined to make an identical whisky to Laphroaig. This was not entirely successful but the Malt Mill did not cease production until 1960. This piece of spite was also prompted by the fact that Laphroaig also started to sell their own whisky directly rather than using Lagavulin as an agent, which they had done for many years.

The maltings themselves were closed in 1974 and, in common with most of the Islay single malt distilleries, Lagavulin gets it malt from the nearby Port Ellen malting house.

The visitors centre is highly recommended and can be contracted on +441496 302749

The Lagavulin distillery is owned by Diageo (since 1927) who are true giants in the distillery world. In 2012 they announced that they would be pumping £1bn into the scotch whisky brands that they own and this can only be good for the industry in the long term.


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