Whisky Serving Glasses

Whisky Serving GlassYou can of course drink whisky out of almost any receptacle but there are several good reasons to choose a whisky serving glass carefully, particularly if it is to be a gift, say at Christmas or for a Birthday

Choosing A Whisky Glass

It all depends a lot on how you like your whisky do you prefer it as a mixer or as a straight measure. For many blended whiskies it is as a mixer so naturally a slightly larger glass would be more appropriate, a tumbler say, depending on what you are adding to your spirit or, more relevant, how much you are adding.

Whisky Tumblers

Whisky Tumbler

Whisky Tumbler at Amazon

There are various different sizes, and of course quality of tumbler available so choose carefully, you can see a good selection by clicking on the image on the right. Or at Amazon

Some are straight sided like the one shown, where some are curved with a narrower opening which actually is good if you prefer your whisky as it is, but more of that just down the page.

Whisky Tasting Glasses

Whisky tasting or whisky sipping glasses are intended more for the single malt/quality blended whisky drinker. The most popular, and in my opinion quite rightly so is the Glencairn Crystal Whisky Glass.

The Shape of this glass serves several purposes, the round shape allows you to hold the glass in

Glencairn Crystal Glass

Glencairn Crystal at Amazon

your hand to gently warm it if you prefer your whisky that way. the narrow neck gives you the chance to really get the “nose” of the whisky and this is of course part of the whole malt whisky experience. The glasses come as individual, or in packs of 2, 4 or 6 so there is something to suit every budget.

As a present for a keen whisky drinker I personally would look no further.

Whisky Decanter

Many people still like to serve their whisky from a decanter, and again there are many to choose

Whisky Decanter

Whisky Decanter at Amazon

from, with the top of the range being extremely expensive.

I would prefer to serve a single malt from the bottle it came in so that people can see what they are drinking, but for an everyday blended whisky a decanter is an attractive way to store and serve it.

Whatever you choose to serve your whsky in or from, whether for yourself or as a gift then taking a little care with the selection will result in many happy years of happy use I am sure.

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